Faith In Action: Transforming Lives, Impacting Communities, the 2024 Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries

Watch to learn how your Faith in Action improves the lives of others in need and the communities in which we all call home throughout the state, including Garrett County! 

With heartfelt appreciation and blessings from your faith family at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Parish, thank you for your kind consideration and generosity.

For more information, visit the Faith in Action site and contact our office at 301.334.2202 or via email.

2024 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal Update, March 15, 2024

We are most thankful to all who have helped us exceed our standard goal of $21,911 for the 2024 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal. May God continue to bless you for sharing your blessings with us and for all you do for others for the love and glory of our God! 

Following the Appeal Rebate Formula below, our parish will receive funds to advance our outreach efforts in Garrett County. As of March 8, 2024, we are closing-in on our stretch goal of  $29,215 and hope to reach the third tier of the rebate challenge before April 14, 2024.

Appeal Rebate Formula

If you would like to help us increase or outreach efforts at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Parish while enhancing the outreach of Catholic Ministries throughout the state, kindly consider making a gift or pledge today using the Appeal Gifts Form below. Thank you and God bless you and your family in all your needs ~ great and small.

Please select "St. Peter - Oakland" in the "Select Your Parish" field in the form.

Stewardship Prayer 

Gracious God, 

We humbly gather as a community united in faith, service, stewardship, and mission.

 May our hearts overflow with generosity, as we share our blessings and talents to the betterment of others. 

Help us embrace our role as faithful stewards, using our resources wisely and selflessly.

Guide us in our daily actions to embody love and compassion, strengthening the bonds that connect us all in Your grace. Amen.