Faith In Action: Transforming Lives, Impacting Communities, the 2024 Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries

Watch to learn about this year's Annual Appeal and how to put your Faith in Action for Catholic Ministries throughout the state - including Garrett County through St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Parish!

Kindly return to this page for regular updates
and to check on our progress. You are a blessing!

Thank you and may God continue to abundantly bless you and your family.

Join us in supporting the Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries, a beacon of hope and compassion in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.


Since 1992, your generosity has enabled over 100 life-affirming ministries to transform lives, a testament to our shared commitment to making a difference. Rest assured, your contributions to the Annual Appeal are securely managed as part of a separate, perpetual, and irrevocable trust established in 1992, exclusively used for these vital ministries and restricted from being used for any other purposes.


Together, we can continue this legacy of faith and service. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Please select "St. Peter - Oakland" in the "Designation" field in the form.

Stewardship Prayer 

Gracious God, 

We humbly gather as a community united in faith, service, stewardship, and mission.

 May our hearts overflow with generosity, as we share our blessings and talents to the betterment of others. 

Help us embrace our role as faithful stewards, using our resources wisely and selflessly.

Guide us in our daily actions to embody love and compassion, strengthening the bonds that connect us all in Your grace. Amen.