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7 December (every first Wednesday) - Reconciliation, 4:30PM in the Chapel

7 December (every Wednesday) - Adoration from 6PM-8PM in the Chapel, Oakland (Rosary at 7:15PM, Benediction* at 7:50PM)

7 December (Wednesday) - Vigil Mass - Immaculate Conception, 6:30PM in the Church

8 December (Thursday) - Mass - Immaculate Conception, 12:00PM in the Church

9 December (every Friday, weather permitting) - Rosary outside the main entrance to the Parish Hall, 3:00PM

10 December - House of Hope "Bucks for Hope" Food Drive, 9:00AM-12:00PM, on Second Street in Oakland

10 December (every Saturday) - Rosary in the Blessed Sacrament Room at the Lake Center, 3:30PM (before 4:00PM Mass)

11 December (every Sunday) - Rosary in the Church, 8:30AM (before 9:00AM Mass)

11 December (every Sunday) - Children's Liturgy of the Word begins - first half of 9:00AM Mass in Oakland

12 December (second Monday of the month) - Community Supper, 4:30PM - 6:30PM, Parish Hall

13 December (every Tuesday) - Knights of Columbus Breakfast Café, coffee/donuts/breakfast in the Parish Hall, 8:30AM

13 December (every Tuesday) - Choir practice in the Church, 5:00PM. New members are welcome!

13 December (Tuesday) - Advent Reconiliation Services, 6:00PM in the Church (four confessors available)

21 December (Wednesday) - Bereavement Support Group, 10:30AM in the Parish Hall, Lowe Level

24 December (Saturday) - Christmas Eve Masses: 4:00PM at the Lake Center, 6:00PM (Children's Mass) at the Church, 8:00PM at the Church

25 December (Sunday) - Christmas Mass: 10:00AM at the Church

17 January (Tuesday) - Pastoral Council Meeting, 6:30PM in the Parish Hall, Lower Level (all are invited)

* - Pending availability of a Priest or Deacon

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Weekend Mass: Saturday, 4:00PM

Off-Season Schedule - 11 Sep 2022 - 21 May 2023

St. Peter at the Lake Center

1140 Mosser Rd., McHenry, MD 21541 (click for map)


(*Outdoor seating available as weather allows.)

One Parish ~ Two Locations


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Daily Mass: Mon, Tue, Wed: 12:00PM in the Chapel (lower level of Church Hall, next to the Church).


Free, private parking available at both locations.

Low-gluten hosts available at all Masses.

Weekend Mass: Sunday, 9:00AM

St. Peter Church

208 S. 4th St., Oakland, MD 21550 (click for map)


(*Additional indoor overflow space available as needed.)

📌 Reflecting on Last Week - 04 December 2022:

Second Sunday of Advent

Homily Take-Aways (Father Tom Gills)...

  • What is our attitude going into Advent? Is it doom and gloom - or - hope and joy?

  • We celebrate the God of hope!

  • The Hope that came into the world 2000 years ago is unquenchable and eternal.

  • God takes our sin seriously. He calls us to turn to Jesus to break those chains of oppression.

  • Reconciliation is God's gift that enables us to do that.

  • We are also called to share our lives of hope with each other and serve each other.

  • To succeed in these goals, remember the fundamentals: Repent, Share, Serve, and Worship

🔭 Looking Ahead to Next Week - 11 December 2022:

Third Sunday of Advent (liturgical color: Rose)

Papal Intentions...

  • Papal intention for December 2022: "For Volunteer not-for-profit organizations"

  • Papal intentions for all of 2022: Click here.

Let God Grace Your Life at St. Peter's!

Please come and join us for worship and the Sacraments, and receive God's peace, forgiveness, and presence.

We cordially invite you to join us for the celebration of Mass!

* Our "Summer Season" Mass schedule is in effect and runs from Memorial Day weekend, 2022 through, and including, Labor Day weekend, 2022.

* Click the "Worship with Us" tab (below) for a complete listing of all Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration opportunities.



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Stay in Touch with Church - Important Parish and Archdiocesan News (10/20/21)

Worship with Us - Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration (09/12/22)

  • Weekend Masses (Off-Season: 11 Sep 2022 - 21 May 2023)
    > Saturday, 4PM at the Lake Center
    > Sunday, 9AM at the Church

  • Daily Mass
    > Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 12:00PM in the Chapel in Oakland

  • Reconciliation:
    > First Wednesday of the month, 4:30PM in the Chapel in Oakland
    > By appointment - call Father Tom at the office (301-334-2202)

  • Adoration & Benediction:
    > Wednesday, 6:00PM-8:00PM in the Chapel in Oakland (Rosary at 7:15PM, Benediction at 7:45PM)

Parish Information

Church Office: 301-334-2202

Church Fax: 301-334-9006

Church and Office Address: 208 S. 4th Street, Oakland, MD 21550

Lake Center Address: 1140 Mosser Road, McHenry, MD 21541

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:00AM-4:00PM (closed on Fridays)

Website: www.GarrettStPeter.com

General inquiries: Info@GarrettStPeter.com

Contact the Parish Council: Contact-Council@GarrettStPeter.com

Bills, Invoices, Statements, and Receipts: Billing@GarrettStPeter.com

> If sending by mail, please send to "Attn: Business Manager"

Parish Corporators - Officers of the Parish: Mrs. Carol Gregg and Mr. Bill Meagher

Parish Staff Listing & Contact Information

Father Tom Gills - Pastor (Pastor@GarrettStPeter.com)

Deacon Jon Hess - Deacon (Deacon@GarrettStPeter.com)

Brother Art Wolf - Pastoral Assistant

Office Manager (Secretary@GarrettStPeter.com, ext. 4)

Mrs. Diane Wolfe - Receptionist (Receptionist@GarrettStPeter.com)

Coordinator of Religious Education (ReligiousEd@GarrettStPeter.com, ext. 6)

Mrs. Betsy Nickel - Business Manager/Finance/HR (BusinessManager@GarrettStPeter.com)

Mr. Neil Krebs - Music Director (Music@GarrettStPeter.com)

Maria Hines - Sacristan

Mr. Fred Gregg & Mr. Bill Ewing - Head Ushers

Mrs. Dolores Gloeckl - Lake Center Coordinator

Dave McKenzie - Maintenance (Maintenance@GarrettStPeter.com, ext. 7)

Maria and Robbie - Housekeeping (Housekeeping@GarrettStPeter.com)

Patrick O'Brien - Information Technology (IT@GarrettStPeter.com)

Parish Council: Contact-Council@GarrettStPeter.com



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