St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

208 S. 4th Street, Oakland, MD ~ 1140 Mosser Road, McHenry, MD


One Parish ~ Two Locations

Dearly Beloved,

Greetings in the peace and love of Jesus and Mary! As we celebrate Holy Week, the Triduum, and Easter season during this pandemic, we are learning to be stronger together while we must temporarily practice social distancing. We pray that our whole world will come together spiritually, while people must stay apart.

As we progress through the Easter Triduum of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, let us remember how we began our Lenten journey here at St. Peter’s Church and Lake Center. Our theme of “Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking” was part of the means to attain our goal and that was, and is, “To Be The Light.” We know the light of Jesus conquers the dark, and we are learning to be the light that we desire to see in others through this pandemic and all of the other challenges of our lives.

As the Sun rises around our planet on Easter, a billion-plus people will be celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus. The churches may be empty, but so is the tomb! It is similar to when a Jeweler wants to show a prized diamond. He places that diamond on a black velvet cloth, to show off its superb beauty. That’s what God did with Jesus, on Good Friday, and that is what our risen Lord Jesus does for us spiritually, even though the darkness of COVID-19 keeps us physically apart.

Jesus rose from the dead victoriously, and we will rise victoriously from the scourge of the coronavirus. So, let us continue to pray well, and stay well, for blessed are we of the Easter faith, for ours is the Risen Lord! For us he lives, and to us he gives, the fountain of life restored.

With great Love and Resurrection Blessings,

Father Tom

Worship with Us - Mass, Reconciliation, Adoration, and Stations of the Cross (3/30/20)

  • Saturday Mass: 4PM at the Lake Center in McHenry (CANCELED)

  • Sunday Mass: 9AM at the Church in Oakland (CANCELED)

  • Sunday Mass (starting Memorial Day weekend and ending after Labor Day weekend): 11:00AM at the Lake Center in McHenry

  • Daily Mass (During Lent): Tuesday-Friday, 12:00PM in the Chapel in Oakland (CANCELED)

    • NOTE: For weekday Masses, if Garrett County schools are dismissed before lunch, there will be no 12:00PM Mass.

  • Communion Service (During Lent): Monday, 12:00PM in the Chapel in Oakland (CANCELED)

  • Reconciliation: Thursday, 5:30PM in the Chapel in Oakland (CANCELED)

  • Adoration:

    • Thursday, 6:00PM - 8:00PM in the Chapel in Oakland (rosary at 7:30PM) (CANCELED)

    • During Lent: Monday - Thursday, 10AM-4PM in the Chapel in Oakland (CANCELED)

  • Stations of the Cross (During Lent):

    • Wednesday after the 12:00PM Mass (CANCELED)

    • Friday at 4:30PM in the Church in Oakland (CANCELED)

Parish Information

Church Office: 301-334-2202

Church Fax: 301-334-9006

Church and Office Address: 208 S. 4th Street, Oakland, MD 21550

Lake Center Address: 1140 Mosser Road, McHenry, MD 21541

Office hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:00AM-4:00PM (closed on Fridays)


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Parish Corporators - Officers of the Parish: Mrs. Carol Gregg and Mr. Bill Meagher

Parish Staff Listing & Contact Information

Father Tom Gills - Pastor (

Msgr. Paul Byrnes - Weekend Assistant

Brother Art Wolf - Pastoral Assistant

Mrs. Patricia Hines - Office Manager (, ext. 4)

Mrs. Diane Wolfe - Receptionist (

Mrs. Kelly McDonagh - Coordinator of Religious Education (, ext. 6)

Mrs. Betsy Nickel - Business Manager/Finance/HR (

Mr. Neil Krebs - Music Director (

Maria Hines - Sacristan

Mr. Fred Gregg & Mr. Bill Ewing - Head Ushers

Mrs. Dolores Gloeckl - Lake Center Coordinator

Dave McKenzie - Maintenance (, ext. 7)

Maria and Robbie - Housekeeping (

The Blessing of the Palms for Palm Sunday.